Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Semi-Retiring

It was fun moonlighting as a designer, but my project has ended so it's time for me to retire my paint swatches and go back to designing just for myself.  As promised i wanted to show the finish photos and do a round up of products and costs.

Here's a breakdown of costs  (amounts include HST) and sources:
4 x 16 ceramic shower tiles $260 from Downtown Lumber (Ossington location)
Shower floor 1 x 1 carrara marble mosaic tiles $163 from Downtown Lumber (Ossington location)
12 x 24 carrara marble floor tiles $289 from Downtown Lumber (Ossington location)
Vanity/Counter/Sink $720 from Downtown Lumber (Ossington location)
Rubi Rondo Tub/Shower System $509 from Downtown Lumber (Ossington location)
Rubi Lavatory Faucet $170 from Downtown Lumber (Ossington location)
2 - Chrome Tile Edges $20 from Downtown Lumber (Ossington location)
3 - 6' Marble jambs $170 from Downtown Lumber (Ossington location)
2 - Albion Sconces $305 from Restoration Hardware
Benjamin Moore Aura Kitchen and Bathroom paint in "Shaker Grey" $90 from High Park Wallpaper & Paint
Mirror/medicine cabinet can't remember the cost (originally purchased for my own bathroom, but never used) from Roman Bath Center

Total for the items i purchased: $2,696

The contractor included in his quote all other materials including:
All wiring, boxes and switches
All building materials (mortar, grout, thin-set, membrane, lumber, screws, insulation, dry wall, cement board, vapour barrier, etc)
New window
Glass Wall
New Door


Anonymous said...

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Andrew said...

so what was the contractor's cost?

Roncy Vic said...

Hi Andrew,

I don't really want to disclose the exact pricing, as i don't believe it is fair to the contractor for me to share that publicly. I will say it was three solid weeks of work (including some weekends), requiring some sub-contracting to a licensed plumber, electrician and some helpers. So for the subs, his labour, his materials and waste disposal, it was in the low 5-digit range.

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