Sunday, December 4, 2011

DIY Christmas Planter

I spent today getting my Christmas on. We started by strolling over to Roncesvalles Ave for a coffee from Cherry Bomb (Mmmm...Cherry Bomb) and to pick up some cuttings from Roncesvalles Fruit Market, to try making a Christmas planter. I've never tried making a Christmas planter before, but i figured if i didn't like the way it looked, i could just pull everything out and try again. So here is what you need:

- An urn (unfortunately mine has seen better days)
- A container that fits inside the urn
- A plastic bag that fits inside the container
- Sand
- Cuttings of your choosing. I chose: 1 bunch of magnolia leaves, 1 bunch of red berries, 2 bunches of cedar and 1 bunch of red dogwood twigs.

Line the container with the plastic bag. This keeps the sand from falling out of the drainage holes at the bottom of the container. Fill the bag with sand. My sand was slightly damp, which made it about the consistency of brown sugar. I actually think this helped, because the sand was heavy and seemed to really hold the cuttings in well.

Place the sand filled container into the urn and start sticking cuttings in. Trim the cuttings if they are too long. I started in the center with some of my taller material (magnolias and berries)...

...then i filled in, all around the perimeter of the pot with cedar...

...then i added some dogwood to give it extra height, et voila!

I also put out the Christmas lights, and changed the wreath. Now i just need some fresh white snow.


Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

That turned out great and your house is looking lovely.

Designwali said...

wow...looks great and so festive.

DaisyExpress said...

I love this. I have a planter too. Thanks for the reminder. I also am loving your bathroom reno. I will post pictures of my parents butler pantry when it is down. Thanks so much for sharing your photos. Sheryl

Roncy Vic said...

Thanks everyone! Sheryl, i am really looking forward to seeing the butler pantry once it's done. I'm a big admirer of your carpentry skills, and I love seeing the projects you build.

InteriorGroupie said...

Just ended up at your blog via First Time Fancy - Love this planter! The magnolia leaves definitely add to it, it looks great.