Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Arrangements

In years past, Christmas for us was a time of spending. We would buy gifts (sometimes even pay for wrapping), order prepared foods and order floral arrangements. While fighting the shopping crowds and dialing up orders may have seemed like a lot of work, the truth is in a City like Toronto, it really doesn't take that much thought or effort. This year, we're trying to get more in touch with the true spirit of Christmas: A Christmas about good times with family and friends. A Christmas where giving is about "the thought" and not just the size of your credit card limit. So we're doing a couple of things differently this year. First we're making gifts for all our siblings, i'll share how that turns out on Boxing day (don't want to ruin the surprise) and second we're making our own floral arrangements. Some we'll give away as host/hostess gifts. Here's what we did:

We took a stroll over to Roncesvalles and picked up some...
- Amaryllis bulbs from Sweetpea's
- Potting soil from Pollock's Home Hardware
- Red dogwood twigs from KC Fruit Market

We then recycled many of the pots and containers we had from arrangements and orchids past:

I put a bit of gravel in the bottom of the pots and then planted the bulbs with the top 3rd exposed above the potting soil. Then i decorated with the dogwood twigs, et voila:

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