Friday, September 24, 2010

Kind of a Big Deal

It's been a while since i last posted, not for lack of progress or things to share, but more out of being busy trying to complete the second floor reno before the baby comes. Anyhow, last night i made a lot of progress on something my wife and i have been dreaming of having for a long time. To many it will probably not seem like much, but for those of us who live in old Victorians it's actually kind of a big deal. It's our new linen closet.

If you'll recall from this post, our toilet and a bidet use to sit in a 5 foot deep alcove. We decided we didn't need the bidet and instead we would move the toilet forward so that the alcove could be half as deep. This allowed us to create a linen closet accessible from the hallway. Here's the hallway before:

After cutting out the hole for the doorway:

In the process, we discovered something, there used to be a window right beside our toilet, which we always had the blinds down on. Once the blind was removed, it turned out that particular window let in the most light of all the windows in our house:

But alas a window at the back of the closet made no sense, so we had Castle Rock Masonry brick it up from the outside, while i framed the interior:

To finish our closet i used bead board to panel the interior...

I then ripped a cedar fence board in half and used it to make cleats:

Then i used some more cedar fence boards to create shelves (gotta tell you, we love the smell of the cedar):

Here's the almost finished product:

Just have a little more trimming out to do, and that will be another project off the list.


Kathy said...

Wow, that's great. Gotta love the extra storage.

Can I ask how you covered over the bidet ? We have one in our basement that we'd eventually like to get rid of and don't know if we can cap it ourselves or need to have someone in to do this ?


Roncy Vic said...

Thanks Kathy! To remove our bidet, i had to cut away some of the floor and sub floor in order to cut the drain pipe and P-Trap away. I then capped it off to make sure no sewer gas could escape. Similarly i had to cap the copper supply lines, but since i had the walls open it was very easy to access. In your case, it may be a bit more difficult as your basement bidet drain will probably be encased in concrete. You will likely have to break some of that concrete away ( a hammer drill and cold chisel work well for this) and re-pour a small patch of new concrete.

Maggie @ Okay, now what? said...

Jealous! We don't have a single closet in the house. Unless you count the one we put in the master bedroom.

Kathy said...

Ugh. Thanks. Maybe we'll just leave it as...decoration ?

Kerry said...

WHOOOAAA! I wish we had the space on our tiny half floor upstairs to make a linen closet! This is awesome. You've been hard at work and apparently I've been missing all of these posts! I have some serious catching up to do!