Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Internet to the Rescue

We found ourselves in a bind this week. We are replacing all the original single panel doors in our house with...Well new single panel doors. Knowing this we had set them aside and arranged to have them, and some other items donated and picked up by Habitat for Humanity's Restore. Unfortunately yesterday the guys from Restore came and picked up everything but the 5 matching doors, they left a note saying they were over-stocked on this style. So we now have 5 doors that we don't want, and the dumpster that we ordered for our demolition waste was picked up long ago.

Hopefully the internet will come to our rescue. I've posted an ad on Kijiji, but in case there are any readers out there who just might have some use for 5 solid wood single panel doors, they're free for the taking. And yes those lovely brass door knobs are included.

Below are some pictures of the doors:


Eric Pellerin said...

Sorry for asking, but why-oh-why you got rid of those original doors!?!??!

Roncy Vic said...

I certainly would have kept them and tried to find salvaged replacements, had i only been missing one or two. Unfortunately our home has 10 doorways and only 5 of the doors were original. I had to narrow one of the doorways, so that left me with only 4 matching usable doors. It just got to the point where replacing them all made more sense from a timing stand point.