Monday, August 2, 2010


Happy-sad - that’s how I felt recently when I saw a Globe and Mail article about a renovation by Style at Homes’ editor-in-chief Erin McLaughlin. My vision for our current bathroom renovation, involved using 6” x 18” carrara marble tiles laid in a herringbone pattern. So I was sad to see that she had beaten me to the punch. I was however happy, and frankly patting myself on the back, for being on the same brain wave as her and happier still to see that her finished floors are every bit as gorgeous as I imagined in my mind’s eye. Anyhow, here’s how mine went down:
I prep'ed the floor to make sure it was rock solid. I glued and screwed new plywood over the old 3/4 inch subfloor. I then thin-set and screwed down 1/2 inch cement board. In my case i wanted heat, so i ran Warm Tiles wires.
Laying the heated floor wire and thermostat was easy. Yup that is indeed my right big toe in the bottom of the photo:

Then i put a scratch coat of thin-set mortar over that to protect the wires and give a nice level flat surface to tile on.

Then came time for the pretty stuff. I started by laying out the pattern and marking the lines.

Et Voila!

Next comes the grout. I'm going with a dark grey.


Lindsay said...

GORGEOUS!! In-love with the floor pattern you've chosen!

Rambling Renovators said...

Love it. I adore herringbone patterns.

Kathy said...

That is beautiful !!!

Maggie@Okay, now what? said...

Looks amazing! herringbone is so classic and elegant. Can't wait to see the finished room.

glow said...

I'm another big fan of herringbone --- it just never goes out of style!

Roncy Vic said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

The crazy thing is the floor tile only cost me about $350. While the layout and install was a little trickier than a conventional grid pattern, the tiles are actually very inexpensive and made it worth the extra time to lay it. $8.99 a square foot at Downtown Lumber on Ossington Ave. Tino Estevez,manages the plumbing department there, and he knows plumbing like no body's business. In many years of shopping for fixtures, tiles and plumbing supplies, i have yet to ask him a question that he didn't have the answer for,