Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall…whose service is worst of all?

Our bathroom is quite small, and with a GFI outlet, light and wall mounted sink all vying for space on this narrow wall, I needed to find a small mirror which could work in this space. After a long fruitless search for just the right mirror to go into our newly finished basement bathroom, I thought I’d be resigned to my fall-back choice - the Eleanor Small Rectangular mirror from Pottery Barn. Its size would fit nicely, but I had reservations about the frilly shape working with the simple light and sink I had chosen. In spite of my lack of enthusiasm for the mirror, I felt like it was probably the best I could find. So off to Pottery Barn I went.

When I got there I didn’t see the Eleanor mirror on display, so I went to go find a sales person. Who knew it would be that difficult, especially considering the mall had just opened and I was one of only three customers in there. Every sales person I saw was really busy... pretending to be busy. They either walked away to another part of the store avoiding eye contact or were on the phone with another employee. After about 15 minutes of invisibly wandering around the store, being shunned by the sales staff, I decided I really didn’t want that mirror that badly. So I decided to abort, just as I was on my way out something caught my eye – the Thin Metal Profile picture frame in Polished Nickel. I thought to myself, hmmm I could replace the mat and glass with a mirror and it would work perfectly and since they were stacked on the shelf, I could just get it myself. So I did.

I then took my new frame over to SOHO framing on Roncesvalles Ave, to see if they could cut the right size mirror and swap out the glass and mat. And man what a difference in Customer Service? The people at SOHO were really great!

So here it is:


LifeBegins@Thirty said...

What a GREAT idea! Can't wait to see it on the wall!

Darling Duplex said...

Love it!