Saturday, April 3, 2010

Living Room

Once again it took, having company coming over for us to tidy up our living and dining room enough that we wouldn't be embarrassed to share photos of it. And with the fresh tulips, i figured now was probably the best time to do a post on it. Especially since it's been a while since we finished these rooms and i really haven't ever shared them on the blog.

One of the things we loved when we first saw the house was that all the trim and ceiling medallions had been mostly preserved. So too were the original plaster walls. All we had to do was patch a few cracks and holes in the wall and give the trim a good sanding, then we spent a weekend priming and painting everything. After that we changed the lights and flooring, and voila our mostly original main floor:


Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Got to love having people over ... it gets all kinds of projects done.

Looks great! LOVE your living room light.

Shruti said...

Love the medallions! Found your blog via designwali a few weeks ago. Catching up on your posts as we also have a Victorian (rowhouse) in the east end.sadly it does not have as many original features...