Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bye Bye ecoENERGY Program

It has been announced that the popular ecoENERGY program has been abruptly cancelled. Under the program homeowners have an initial energy audit performed on their house by a qualified technician, and would then be entitled to rebates for various energy efficient home improvements once a final audit was done to confirm the improvements. Fortunately anyone who has booked an appointment for their first audit is still eligible to complete the process. But those who have not, are out of luck.

We were fortunate enough to take advantage of this program, and know others who also have. It’s unfortunate that this program has now been cancelled, as I think it was a real win-win-win for consumers, the economy and the environment. Not only did it really encourage and reward green building choices, I also think that it brought the more expensive technologies into the main stream. Hopefully now that things like tankless water heaters, condensing boilers and solar powered water heating are becoming more commonplace their prices will continue to fall.


Stella said...

Isn't it awful?? Would you believe I called and booked mine yesterday by chance, before I even knew about the announcement? I don't understand why they would get rid of something that was obviously such a great use of funds.

Roncie Vic said...

Very glad to hear that you made your appointment in the nick of time. And congratulations on the "new" house! As you can tell i've been poking around your blog, and it's very enjoyable reading.

I agree it is sad, particularly for those that spent time and money to become licensed auditors and who made investments in testing equipment, for such a short career. So much for stimulating the economy and creating jobs.

If the program was too expensive, i would have preferred to see the government decrease the rebates, or adjust the types of projects eligible, rather than kill the program all together.