Monday, April 26, 2010

Annoying IKEA Guy Was So Right. We Really Did Sleep Much Better

My wife and I were really starting to hate our old mattress. It was about 10 years old, and it just wasn’t comfortable anymore. We would both toss and turn, keeping the other awake. And each morning we would both wake up sore. So we decided it was time for a new mattress. We knew one day (when we finished the 3rd floor master suite), we would want to be able to get the mattress up to our third floor, which has a narrow winding set of stairs. So the mattress not only had to be comfortable, it also had to be pretty flexible too. That meant most spring mattresses were out. So we focused on latex and memory foam mattresses.

We asked around, shopped around and did research online. We were leaning towards the TempurPedic mattress, because friends who have them, rave about them. After having laid on them in the showroom, we both agreed that they were really comfortable and that motion didn’t transfer from one side to the other. But before spending the $2500 on a TempurPedic, we thought maybe we should try some other memory foam mattresses just for comparison.

We went to IKEA, and tried their Sultan Flokenes mattress, it has a 2 ¾” layer of memory foam, over high resilience foam, similar to the Tempurpedic, but it also has lambswool and lyocell, to wick away moisture and to dissipate heat. Something the TempurPedic doesn’t have. Our online research also showed similar or slightly higher ratings for the Flokenes than the TempurPedic. And as a final test we laid on the Flokenes in the IKEA showroom and were every bit as impressed as when we had laid on the TempurPedic. And at less than one third of the price, we were all over it.

The first night we had the mattress, it actually felt very hard and uncomfortable kind of like our old mattress and nothing like the mattress in the IKEA shwroom. There wasn’t any give at all, it just felt really hard. But strangely each night it got a bit better. Maybe it needed to be worked in, because now that we’ve been sleeping on it for a week, we really do find it incredibly comfortable now. I would definitely recommend the IKEA Sultan Flokenes.


Kerry @ First Time Fancy said...

Good to know - thanks for sharing the review! I've been waking up sore a lot recently and blame our mattress. I've been trying to convince B to get a new one, and use the old queen as a guest bed so we can get rid of the old double (maybe). I'll have to share this information with him!

Roncie Vic said...

Here's the site that collects owners ratings:

The IKEA Memory foam mattress scored a 91% comfort satisfaction level vs TempurPedic's 80%. Both have a 25 year warranty. And IKEA offers a 90 day exchange program. We definitely find the Flokenes to be dreamy.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

HI there Roncy Vic,

Now that it is a few months after your purchase, how is the mattress now? Are you sleeps good and pain free after a few months of use?

I'm worried about buying this model-- I keep reading that it is too hard, and feels "nothing like it does in the show room"...I like firm beds, but not ROCKS!

Please let me know how it's been going....


Roncy Vic said...

Hi Jess,

Funny you should ask. Last weekend, we purchased a second Flokenes mattress for our third floor. They seem to have come down a bit in price by a couple hundred as well - WOOT!

Anyhow, the first Flokenes mattress we bought is very comfortable now. After about a week of sleeping on it, it felt just like the one in the showroom. And months later, it still feels great. We are very happy with it. And we haven't noticed it trapping any more heat than our previous Sealy spring mattress. Overall i'd recommend it, but i'd also recommend bringing a friend to IKEA, because you need to manhandle it onto a cart and push it through check out.

Mike Lopes said...

Hi, I just came across your review and I wanted to know if 3 years later you are still happy with your matress. My wife and I just tried this exact same matress at Ikea last weekend and we liked it but still debating whether it would be better to spend a little extra on a locally made matress.


Kyle said...

Hi Mike

Three years and we are still using the same mattress. It has gotten progressively less firm over time. Personally I still find it comfortable, my wife however is starting to find it a bit too soft. If you want a firm mattress, this may not be the one you want to go with.

Mike Lopes said...

Thanks for the update.

Cath Al said...

Glad to have read this post. Wish I had met your annoying IKEA guy soonish. I bought a Heggedal, made with natural materials, on the advice of an annoying staff person who seemed to think I was looking for a "natural" mattress because I had expressed interest in the latex Edsele mattress (85% natural latex)-which my husband deemed too sinky when he store tested it.

The staffer forgot to mention that the Heggedal with springs, is the "most firm" mattress IKEA has-if you read the web site carefully. Most mattresses seem soft to the touch in the store if they have a layer of latex or foam on top - the test is sleeping on it. After 5 nights my hips were in deep pain.

So did more reading, including this post, and narrowed the next choice down to either the Fjordgard, 8 1/2 inches of foam topped with latex, or the Flokenes which is foam topped with memory foam. At the store the Flokenes seemed kinder to my screaming hip. Did an exchange and have now slept on it for a week and can say that it is amazing and hips have no discomfort.

During 3 trips to IKEA I got really terrible advice or "don't know" answers to questions so thanks for this thread. It's nice that IKEA has such low price points but honestly, after two weeks of reading on the Internet, I could help customers better than their staff seem able or willing to.

Mike Lopes said...

My wife and I ended up going to a local mattres manufacturer. We opted for a 6" slab of dunlop latex et a zippable and washable bamboo padded cover. It cost us a little more than the double of the Ikea mattress but we were very satisfied with the service and the product itself.

Anonymous said...

We too had purchased a Heggedal. It is very hard and painful. Even with a 2" layer of Dunlop latex on top, it is still painful after a few hours...ready to exchange for something with more give. Was wondering if anyone had the Heggedal soften a bit w time and use? We have had it for a week only.

Kate said...

My partner and I recently bought the Ikea Heggedal mattress. We were looking for a firm mattress and liked the combination of pocket coils topped with latex. The natural materials for wicking away moisture and heat seemed good too. In store, the firmness was just right.

When we got the mattress home, it seemed much firmer than instore - to the point that I started to think it was too firm. BUT - after a week or two, it 'relaxed' a bit and started to feel much more comfortable. Now, a month and a half later, it's very comfortable and has the right amount of give. If you're thinking of getting this mattress - just realize it needs some breaking in. And since it's quite firm, if you're switching from a softer mattress, your body is also going to go through an adjustment period while getting used to it.

Overall we're very happy with the Heggedal, it regulates temperature well and is comfortable - if you're looking for a mattress on the firm side, this is a good one.

DEMIJOUR said...

Happy to read that the Flokness pleases overall. I was a bit reticent and wonder why the price is lower at IKEA.
Overall I believe it would be a good quality for the price and believe to get it in the next few months...
Thanks for the sharing and the link that Roncie vic gave! This is wonderful!

Relaxo said...

Kate- thanks so much for you review. I bought a Heggedal over the weekend and like you, thought it was perfect in the showroom but was so much more firm in my apt. I have a 3" soft talalay latex topper to soften the blow but it's still pretty damn firm.

Gonna let it settle for a couple of weeks before thinking of a possible exchange. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Kate and or Relaxo-
How are you liking the Ikea Heggedal mattress now? I am considering buying one.

Anonymous said...

I am looking to buy the Heggedel mattress. It feels great in the show room but I have a feeling that mattress has been broken in. They are having a 15% off sale too, which makes it all the more enticing compared to conventional mattress stores. I went to Sleepys and $2700 was the price for a king set. They said the mattress alone is only a couple of hundred dollars less. Ikeas Heggedel will be $850 on sale just the mattress, thats a huge difference. Consumer reports rated a softer mattress the Holmsta as being pretty good. The Heggedel is a similar spring mattress so I'm hoping it will prove to be quality and last at least 4 years. Realistically I don't think mattresses last too much longer. Not in my experience anyway.. Is there anyone with a Heggedel for more than 2 years?

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