Saturday, January 2, 2010

Predictions Anyone?

OK, it's the end of a decade and the start of a new one. I thought i'd go out on a limb and share my thoughts about what i think might be big in the next decade and what i think should be stuck in the past. Now remember i am just a guy who reads a lot of magazines and watches a lot of HGTV (i.e. not a professional Designer or Architect), so what do i know. I would love to hear what others think, so please feel free add your thoughts.

Here's what i think will be big in the next decade:

1. Smaller, better houses for longer - The 2000's seemed to be about quantity, probably because credit was cheap, and with the proliferation of big box stores and consumerist mentalities, things became more disposable. People built bigger, bought bigger TV's, drove bigger SUV's, ate bigger combos. I think this next decade the focus will once again return to quality and longevity.

2. Milk paint - It has a warm luster, and develops a nice patina, it's durable, doesn't chip or fade and it is environmentally friendly without screaming it to the world.

3. Reclaimed wood - They don't make trees like they used to. Anyone whose seen the difference between new growth and old growth wood can tell you how much stronger and more beautiful the grain of old growth wood is, but it isn't something that's readily harvestable. So the next best source is to salvage it.

4. Genuine, honest architecture - I think the 2000's will be looked at architecturally with even more disdain than the dreaded 70's and 80's. Public architecture became more about name branding and grand standing. In it's wake we have the ROM Crystal, OCAD and dozens of condos with glowing balls, domes, spires and steeples in our midst. Hopefully in the coming decade we see a return of architecture for the people, instead of architecture for the Architect or architecture for the developers.

Here's my list of things that in a few years will look, OH SO 2000's:

1. Accent walls - I've never been a fan of this look. I feel it looks contrived and jarring. To me, it always screamed i can't afford to do the whole room.

2. Big, bold, high-contrast prints - I have to admit i really like some of these patterns and i thought it was clever and original to change the scale of the pattern, but like any trend some people just over-do them, and take things too far. Now i see them everywhere. I see them on condo marketing, wanna-be boutique hotel lobbies, restaurant windows, behind the bars at clubs, handbags, clothing, i've even seen a few tattoos.

3. Glass mosaic tiles - I was dead set against using these anywhere in our house. These always remind me of the change room and shower at the rec center near where i grew up.

4. Bamboo flooring - Sure it's green and sure it's tough, but it just doesn't have the same look as hardwood.

5. Eames loungers, Noguchi coffee tables, and Barcelona chairs - Now on sale at Canadian Tire...Need i say more? Image from StyleNorth

Hopefully i get lots of comments, with your predictions. Happy New Decade everyone!


Maggie@Okay, now what? said...

Excellent predictions for what will look oh so 2000's. I still like my Barcelona chair though ;-)

Wanderluster said...

Interesting post. Hmmm, what do I think will be big in the next decade:
- upcycling/repurposing old furniture will continue to be hot (though I think the high gloss candy colour laquered look is on its way out)
- nostalgia... think gingham prints, small florals, holly hobby, doilies... anything that reminds you of grandma's house
- worn finishes, the cottage look, anything with a patina
- uniqueness. I think homeowners will be keen on creating their own style and not replicating the "Kelly Wearstler" or "Sarah Richardson" or whoever look. Putting their own personal heirlooms and touches into a room.
- pastels and preppy colours

And what I'm thinking is best left behind:
- sad to say, but I think white kitchens have had their day (and I have one!)
- the glam look - mirrored surfaces, chandeliers
- stainless steel
- I'm with you on the glass mosaic tiles!
- big, puffy, leather sectionals (at least I'm hoping their out! Soooo ugly)
- matched living room furniture

Wow, guess I have a lot of predictions lol. I'm interested to see what others say.

Roncie Vic said...

I think the surest sign of when something is on it's way out is when it becomes commoditized. And with retailers, designers and marketers clamouring to bring mass design at an affordable price to the growing condo market, i think the time it takes for something to become a commodity is shrinking. Sadly the same simplistic beauty of the Barcelona chair and Noguchi table, that makes them ideal for small spaces also make them easy to knock off.

Wanderluster, great predictions! Totally agree on the high gloss laquer look. I too think your prediction on white kitchens may come true. So i intend to use and enjoy my kitchen as much as possible in the mean time, and i'm already thinking about what colour i can re-spray the doors down the road - maybe a medium gray.

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Hi Ronci Vic ... thnks for dropping by my blog, and for your shop suggestions. I agree .... a droolfest!

I don't have any predictions ... I'm pretty traditional in my deorating.

barbara@hodge:podge said...

What!!! Canadian Tire is selling Noguchi???? I need to go check out my local store!

I agree with Wanderluster too - nostalgia and upcycling will be the big hits this year, you already see it in House and Home, Style at Home mags and Samantha Pynn's approach to decorating. I have also seen granny chic creeping in, good thing I kept all the antique linens my mom gave to me!

I also agree that it's all about personal style and what make you feel comfortable and in love with your space, not copying some glitzy pretentious home!

Kenneth said...


I'd appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our site:

I realize that you are home decor-modern design connoisseur :) I'd like to hear your opinion/feedback on our products. Also,

it'd be swell if you can place our noguchi table on your blog.

Thank you,


Mud Mama said...

just discovered your blog through hella stella's new reno blog.

This was fun to read and I'm laughing because we just bought a 1910 farmhouse and have spent the past three months mapping out our reno and decorating projects.

We've never been fans of Modern furniture (reminds me too much of York U's dorms), accent walls ( commit already!), glass tiles ( rec centres and police stations), bamboo (though I do like cork and am stoked with all the eco real linoleum products out there again)

Please let the Keep Calm and Carry On poster be out!

I'm thinking based on our house search, taste and our friends sympatico ideas that:

self publishing/small craftspeople doing limited runs fabric and wallpaper is going to be big and our next design stars are going to come from places like etsy.

I agree that stainless is out, and the all white kitchen...with the exception of subway tile backsplashes.

I think we're going to see a lot more texture in the kitchen - a farmer's market/victory garden aesthetic is on the way in. Canning jars used as vases, unpretentious local in season flowers, market bags and baskets, upscaled and repurposed furnishings for unfitted kitchens - vintage kitchen linens.

I think we'll see a return to "useful clutter" as decorative items rather than hiding it away - now that our electronics are so streamlined and small we have room for hobbies to take more space in our living spaces. The tv's disappeared and left room for the lego collection, or a loom.

I disagree with you on the big bold prints though...AMY BUTLER JUST INTRODUCED A WALLPAPER LINE!