Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Brunch

I've been meaning to do a blog entry about our open concept living and dining room for a long time, in fact it was one of the first projects we tackled. But i have to confess these rooms are rarely in presentable shape to be photographed, since the large open space often makes it an ideal staging area for our on going renovations. With the holiday season upon us and company coming over for brunch however we were motivated to finally whip our living and dining room into presentable shape.

Our living and dining room had most of the original trim and plaster medallions intact, however the floors were tired and the old owners simply used primer as their top coat. So we patched all the cracks and blemishes, sanded all the trim, re-primed, and painted everything. We also changed the light fixtures with some fixtures from Union Lighting and we put in a new hardwood floor. Then went on a mini shopping spree in Leslieville. We had Hardware Interiors build us the dining table and storage bench out of reclaimed wood and cold-rolled steel. Across the street from Hardware Interiors, we found our vintage mid-century rosewood dining chairs at Studio Pazo.

So here are some festive finished shots of the dining room:

Beautiful arrangement by Coriander Girl

Our dining room and Christmas tree

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Sharon said...

What a pretty room. I love the art on the wall.