Friday, November 6, 2009

Basement Reveal

I posted a progress post of the basement reno quite a while ago, and now that it’s 95% done, I thought I’d do another progress post. Now that the basement is mostly finished and we’ve set up our TV down there, we spend much more time down there than we ever thought we would. Unfortunately the time is now often spent in front of the TV, rather than getting that last 5% done. I blame it on the new DIY Channel. We were much more productive when all we had to watch were 3 year old HGTV re-runs.

We worked on our basement simultaneously with our kitchen, since we needed to make holes in the basement walls and ceilings to run wires to the new kitchen. We also got rid of the laughably small laundry machines that were in the kitchen and built a nice laundry room, with storage and counters. We wanted many of the same finishes in the laundry room as the kitchen, to keep the look harmonious throughout the house. However in the laundry room I decided to install IKEA cabinets and hardware, as well as sink and faucet (see below Technical Tip if you have bought one of these). We then had our cabinet maker, mill and spray shaker doors to match our kitchen doors, and we chose to go with the same bianco carrara marble for the counter tops. And finally I installed a clean white subway tile backsplash.

Overall we’re quite happy with the results. Our basement ceilings are only 6’4” high, but because it is clear space without any ducts, beams or pipes, it doesn’t feel that basementy.

We still have a few more odds and sods to finish up:
- I need to scribe some filler strips between the sink cabinet and the wall, and I need to install a cover panel below the sink doors
- I need to finish installing the last few feet of baseboard in the laundry room and hide the water heater.
- I plan on refinishing some old French doors and using barn door hardware to install them in front of the laundry room.
- I need to build in some more storage throughout the basement
- And right now I am in the middle of renovating the basement bathroom.

So there'll likely be some future posts if i can tear myself away from the DIY Channel.

Technical Tip:

Anyone who is planning on installing an IKEA faucet LISTEN UP! The robinets (hoses) that come with the faucet are metric, they will not fit on 99.9% of the fittings available in our country.
So here's what you need:
- 2 Male Adapters 1/2" Code: W01131H ( i picked mine up at Home Despot).
- 2 1/2" sweat to 1/2" sweat inline shut off valves.- all the soldering goodies (emery cloth, pipe cutter, flux, blow torch and solder)
- Some teflon tape and pipe joint compound

Here's what it should look like:


Maggie@Okay, now what? said...

Looks nice and comfy!

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

omg it is GORGEOUS!!! If I were buying a house and walked into that basement and laundry room, I would go into a frenzied bidding war to get it!

glow said...

BEAUTIFUL basement! I love the finishes, and it feels really spacious. Oh, and I just might be drooling slightly over your laundry room . . .

Kerry @ First Time Fancy said...

Love your basement - nice to see as we're in the middle of our basement laundry room make over... and it pretty much looks exactly like what I want :)... and it makes me feel even better that your ceilings are only a tiny bit taller than ours, which are about 6'2"

We actually looked at the exact same IKEA sink, but turns out we should be getting a free one from my parents. If it doesn't fit, we'll be buying that one and I'll need your technical tip... so thanks for sharing :)