Sunday, September 20, 2009

Keep Unilock out of our cities campaign

Along with drugs and gun violence, there are a few other things that definitely need to be eliminated from most inner cities. One of them - concrete pavers. Sure if you live in the suburbs and need 900 square feet of a paving material, that's a step up from asphalt, then yeah concrete pavers are the ticket. But downtown where the average lot is narrower than the average suburban driveway, the cost difference between real stone or real pavers becomes much more palatable, especially if you've already spent money improving your home. It would be like wearing an expensive suit with white sports socks, just to save a few bucks on hosiery. Anyhow our house had loads of concrete pavers, and not just any kind...we had the cheesy pink ones. We had them in the front, we had them in the back, even our front steps were made out of the stuff. And what did they use to hold these cheesy pink pavers in?...cheesy rail road tie edging. Man, we couldn't wait to get rid of the stuff, our front landscaping was like cheese-a-pooloza. And to top it all off, we had a barren front garden, that acted as the litter box for all the neighbourhood strays:

So we hired Heritage Stone Facing to take out all the pavers and rail road ties. Once that was done they laid a new flagstone path and built a stone wall around the front and sides of our property.

We then went to Plant World to take advantage of their fall specials and the cool weather to plant some low maintenance perennials. Lastly i spent a weekend, building and staining a simple porch with 2 steps. And here's the finished product:


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You make an excellent point. What was the cost of the stonework?

Garry said...

This actually isn't a 'Unilock' product. These pavers were made by Perma Paving Stone, now Hanson. The style was called 'Toronto'. Although it is easy to get these confused with Unilock's unistone, sometimes referred to as Z stone. If you look close these pavers, they are curved on the edges. This was Perma Paving Stone's version of unistone. Not Unilock.