Friday, September 25, 2009

How my appliance fetish turned into a 6-month renovation marathon. (Kitchen and Basment Reno Part 1)

I will be the first to admit it; I fantasize about appliances, actually more like fantasize about owning a really nice kitchen with really nice appliances. I don’t cook that often, so I don’t know where this crazy obsession comes from, but I have this deep-seated desire to have a really kick-ass kitchen. And nice appliances are definitely a part of that fantasy. To satisfy my appliance fetish I would sometimes drag my wife to go and visit the backroom of Caplan’s Appliances. There I would drool over the 48” Wolf ranges or the 36” Sub-Zero fridges in the clearance center, all the while knowing it could never be. Even though these appliances were drastically reduced, neither our kitchen nor budget were big enough. So one day in January my wife took me to Faulkner’s Appliances, most likely to slap some reality into me. At first it seemed like any other run-of-the-mill appliance store I had been to. They had some nicer brands, but alas no Viking, Thermador, Wolf or Sub-Zero, heck they didn’t even carry Dacor. The appliance snob in me was a little disappointed. That all changed when I followed the stairway leading down to the basement. As much as I yearn for over-the-top, out-of-this-universe appliances, the one thing I love more is getting a great deal. And down in the basement of Faulkner’s Appliances is where great deals live. He had a basement full of Kitchenaid Architect Series II Appliances, with obscenely low hand-written prices taped on to them.

While Kitchenaid may not be quite as drool-worthy as those brands mentioned earlier, I have had Kitchenaid Architect Series appliances in my previous home, and really liked them. The appliances are not NIB (new in box), they are either refurbished, open box, demo, scratch or dent. So you have to inspect them very carefully, as some do have some cosmetic defects. We were able to find ones that were very clean and pristine, so my guess is they were open box or demo models. And due to my sick fascination with appliances, I immediately knew the MSRP’s of each of these models, and recognized that we would be saving at least 50% off of retail. They also came with a full warranty. I went from being disappointed to over-joyed. We hadn’t even planned on starting the kitchen renovation until spring. That wasn’t a problem; Faulkner’s would store the appliances until we needed them and deliver them when we wanted. Before long, Gord Faulkner was walking around his basement taping hand-written signs that said SOLD.

But now that we had paid for the appliances and made a promise to not make Faulkner’s store them for more than a few months we had to start planning our renovation. And so began our 6 month renovation marathon.

Here’s what we ended up buying from Faulkner’s:
20 cu ft counter depth French door refrigerator (KBFS20EVMS)
46 Bottle Architect Series II Wine Cellar (KUWS24RSSS)
30” Gas 5-burner Cooktop (KFGS306VSS)
30” Architect Series II Stainless True Convection Combination Oven (KEMS308SSS)
Fully Integrated Console Dishwasher (KUDS40FVSS)
30” professional Vent a Hood with 600CFM fan and halogen light (PRH9-230)
4.5 Cu ft Samsung Front Load washer (WF428AAL)
7.4 Cu ft Samsung Electric Dryer (DV438AEL)

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