Monday, September 21, 2009

Handsome transom

After replacing the door, windows and landscaping, we were starting to feel pretty good about how our house was looking. So we decided to add some finishing touches. The gingerbread and old wooden window sills were peeling and cracked, so we hired Gerry (416) 727-9089 to scrape, sand and repaint them. No easy feat, as the top of our house is about 40 feet off the ground. Definitely not a project for me, cause i'm a wuss when it comes to heights. Gerry and his helper did a great job, he was very neat, and careful not to drip. And the price he quoted was so low, we actually felt like we were ripping him off, so we offered to buy the paint. I'd use him again in a heartbeat.

In addition to the painting we decided to pimp up our doorway with a stained glass transom from Artistic Glass. I came up with the design by combining elements from the pattern books they had in store, and they built it to fit our transom opening. A couple of weeks after my first visit they had drawn up the full sized template, and had me come back to choose glass colours. A couple of weeks after that and the finished transom was ready to be picked up.

It took a few hours with a heat gun and putty knife to get all the old putty out, once it was out the transom fit right into the opening. I tacked in some glazier points and nailed in some thin wooden mouldings and voila:

Somethings to keep in mind if you're installing a stained glass transom:

Stained glass isn't very good at keeping the heat in, so if you have an original clear piece of glass in your transom, you might want to keep it in place and put the stained glass on the outside of it.

Do not put clear glass outside of the stained glass. If you do, a little mini greenhouse effect can happen between the glass, and that makes the lead canes soft, and eventually your stained glass begins to sag. And saggy stained glass isn't very pimp!

Cost of the transom was about $490.

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Tracy said...

Very nice! It's amazing how a small amount of stained glass can really make an otherwise nondescript area really pop with personality. That in combination with your period door makes a great first impression. Congratulations!